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A Pregnancy Story: Preeclampsia Nearly Killed Me & My Baby; What Every Black Woman Needs to Know

Christiana Oduh nearly died when she developed severe preeclampsia around the fifth month of her pregnancy. It’s a potentially fatal condition that strikes black women at a higher rate.

Baby On The Way? Don’t Break the Bank. 4 Tips to Spending Wisely for Baby

  Friday Finance: Baby On The Way? Lots of Stuff to Buy? Don’t let your new arrival break the bank. Here are four great tips to shopping and spending wisely.

Your Body

Bye, Bye Body…   Even though there aren’t any visible signs of pregnancy yet (unless this is your second pregnancy, when most women report showing sooner than before ) – your body has undergone a lot of changes already. A thicker uterus, surging hormones, appetite changes, shortness of breath. Check out what’s happening in your […]

Insane in the Membrane

Coping with Pregnancy Brain Pregnancy Brain:  Standing in your doorway, but can’t remember where you’re headed? Worried you’re the culprit who put the toilet paper in the fridge? Yep, we know how you feel. Pregnancy brain is a bothersome by-product of pregnancy. Three words of advice: Post-It Notes!! We’ve got your baby brain drain survival […]

Insane in the Membrane