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I Hear You Loud and Clear! Now What About Our Black Men?

Okay Moms, You’ve been sharing your responses to the Mocha Manual Mom Movement. And there are definitely some serious issues for us to take on. Your responses on what is the biggest issue ranged from outrage over the embarassing health care disparities to the problem of quality educational options in our own communities to concern […]

A Historic Moment for Black Moms

I don’t know what did it for you but I was perfectly content doing my happy dance in my living room on Election night until I saw the image of the Obama family walking out onto the stage of Grant Park. That’s when I lost it and the waterworks came swiftly into town. That regal […]

The Black Mom Movement Begins!

My recent blog on the consistent lack of a black perspective whenever there is a mommy debate in this country, really touched a nerve with our community. The emails are still coming in! And the response is clear: Black mothers are tired of being represented as “breeders” instead of nurturing moms who care about their […]

Eating Fish and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of joy, discovery and…straight up confusion. One of the biggest areas of confusion is around what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy. And the debate about fish tops the list. To add further mayhem to the which-way-is-up-ness, a Washington Post article this week http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/10/03/AR2007100301278.html?hpid%3Dmoreheadlines&sub=new reported that a […]

Happy New Year! Happy New You

Ladies!!! I am so sorry that I’ve been neglectful on the blog. I have been super busy writing my next book and I am very happy to report that I’ve finally completed the next Mocha Manual. Yippee! That means that I’m accepting congratulatory drinks and dinner offers from anyone and everyone, so please, come on […]

Kimberly Konfessions: Body Part Breakdown

I consider myself a very enlightened parent. We, at The Mocha Manual Co., take mommyhood very seriously. I’m very conscious of my childrens’ psychological and emotional development, I try to stay abreast of the latest ideas on how children think and learn, and I try to be fun and approachable. However, recently I was confronted […]

Kimberly’s Konfessions

This mommy business ain’t easy. Sometimes we do things we’d rather not share. This month I’m blogging about my secret guilty pleasures and closed door mommy antics. Well people here’s my first confession of the month (deep breath)—A few weeks ago I dumped my kids off at my moms house for nearly a whole month!. […]

Lessons from D.C. Mothers’ Alleged Murder of Her Four Girls

Ladies. Mothers. Black women!! This is one of those times when I wish my keyboard could shout from the rooftops. When I wish my words could appear in neon lights across the sky in Batman signal fashion. For the past few days, I just can’t stop thinking about the recent news story where a black […]

Nutty Information: What’s a Pregnant Woman to Do?

As Black women, we’re used to obsessing over our hair and finding the perfect foundation, but when you’re pregnant you worry about every morsel that passes your lips and you stress your nutritional intake on a whole ‘notha level. If there’s one thing you may have thought was safe during pregnancy, it’s a nice, healthy, […]