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7 Health Tips for Busy Moms

Working and maintaining a family as a modern black woman is never easy. Being healthy is a challenge for every lifestyle, especially with the busy schedule today’s world often demands. However, for every bit of effort we put in, we reap the rewards. Plus, give the poor health statistics about Black women and heart disease, […]

Tummy Won’t Tone? Diastasis Recti Could Be the Problem

Every hot mama or mom to be worries about toning up the tummy muscles. But a common condition that occurs during pregnancy and sometimes childbirth could be causing the bulge around your navel area and call for some special exercises. VIONNA JONES, MochaManual’s resident fitness diva explains.

To Crunch or Not To Crunch

After having a baby, many mothers are ready to get their body back to normal, right away.  Many women will automatically think of doing crunches to rebuild their abdominal muscles. But are crunches the best exercise for post-pregnancy?                Vionna Jones

How to be a Fit Mama

How to be a Fit Mama       by Vionna Jones So you are expecting a new addition to your family? Congratulations!   The next nine months will be filled with excitement, anticipation and a wide variety of decisions. In between choosing a pediatrician and deciding what color to paint the baby’s room, make […]