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Just for Dads

Its Black Fathers Week!

Great Father’s Day Gifts for Black Dads We’ve got Black Dads covered in our round up of unique, fun and practical Father’s Day gifts for every Dad.

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Faithful Over That Which Is Another Man’s

Before I was a husband I was a father.  But before I was a father of my own I became a surrogate to another’s by design, if not directly by choice. Within five minutes of first meeting my wife she told me that five years ago, she dropped out of college at nineteen to have […]

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For Single Moms

Resources for Single Moms Motherhood is tough enough, but when you’re a single parent, the challenges really add up. Despite the obstacles, you can do it and you have the shoulders of countless of successful single parents to stand on.  Whether you’re looking for information on grants and finances or getting organized at home and […]

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Baby Daddy

Single Parenting and the Father! (the first in a series of articles on how to deal with your baby’s father to develop a positive co-parenting relationship) Dealing with your baby’s daddy doesn’t have to be drama. If you stay focused on the child and keep anger and bitterness at bay, you can work to build […]

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Tests, Tests and More Tests

Tests, Test, and More Tests Just for Dads… For the next nine months, you life will likely revolve around a miasma of tests, scans, appointments and doctor visits. In the third trimester, those doctor visits become even more frequent, believe it or not! And if your other half is over age 35, there may be […]

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Morning Noon & Night Sickness

Morning, Noon and Night Sickness Just for Dads… You may be shocked and dismayed to find out that your usual morning routine of cuddling and doing other stuff with your honey, has now been replaced with morning sickness.   

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