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Dear Sear and Walmart: About your Breastfeeding Faus Pas, A new Pilot Project Could Save you (and other companies) millions

We all watched with shaking heads this week as a Sears security employee posted screen shots of breastfeeding mothers that he captured from Sears security cameras.  The twitterverse unleashed its fury, citing the obvious concern about violating the privacy of these unsuspecting mothers and the obvious stupidity of an employee who should know better. The […]



  The last click is the hardest. Of all of my online travel bookings, the one that completes the reservation to send my children to London for eight weeks of summer with their father is the hardest. No expedited Internet search, discounts or “negotiator” could make this travel bearable. Shortly after our divorce, my “wasband” […]

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The Huffington Post

Kimberly’s commentary, When “Breast is Best” Is Not Enough picked up by the HuffingtonPost

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The Daily Beast

Kimberly featured as breastfeeding expert in The Daily Beast’s “How Breast Pumps Became a Political Issue.”

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U.S. News & World

Kimberly is featured in this U.S. News & World Report on 7 Ways to Make Extra Money

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