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More Than Just Talking Equity: Why Black Breastfeeding Week is Central to Achieving Equity

Lately there’s been a lot of talk in the public health and breastfeeding circles about equity. And rightly so. The scope and depth of racial disparities across various health indicators and in breastfeeding—life’s earliest health intervention—cannot be ignored. Yet every year, many in these same circles, both publicly and privately question why Black Breastfeeding Week is necessary.

 To be clear, ever since our inaugural year, the co-founders of Black Breastfeeding Week (including myself) decided that we did not have to explain why we need a Black Breastfeeding Week—as respected advocates with long standing track records in our community we have a right to self-determine what initiatives might help our community. We don’t need permission.

However, as a communicator and a dot-connector, I’m compelled to share why Black Breastfeeding Week is such a critical part of any attempts at creating equity in the breastfeeding movement.

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