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Safe Fish for Pregnant Moms

During pregnancy most expecting moms are usually cautioned by their doctors and given a list of foods to steer clear of during their nine-month stretch.  At the top of the list are certain types of seafood like shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish because of the potential of high levels of mercury in it. In some cases, even canned, chunk light tuna (which tends to have a lower amount of mercury than other tuna) is recommended to be eaten in moderation. And once your mind is in “mommy mode”, aren’t you more likely  to err on the side of caution and just stay away from ALL seafood? But you don’t have to.

While pregnancy and post-pregnancy (especially if you are a breastfeeding mama) can make you feel worn out, you need to make sure that you and your little one are getting the proper nourishment to keep up. The secret to following a healthy diet and getting those necessary nutrients is to have easy meals planned out and your pantry and freezer stocked, ready for those days where you may not have the energy. And despite the warnings of staying away from fish, finding the safest kind may be good for your health and the development of your baby.

Even though fish may contain high levels of beneficial nutrients like DHA and Omega-3, moms have every right to fear that what they are eating could be unsafe because of high levels of mercury. Even salmon, which many turn to as a safe choice, may still be harmful because of the potential of it being genetically engineered (GMO) and not required to be labeled as such by the FDA.

Luckily a new option for moms, who want to get the health benefits of fish oil without turning to supplements or taking a chance on potentially unsafe fish, exists…Safe Catch Tuna. It is the first and only canned tuna brand to test every single fish for mercury. The company sets standards for mercury levels that are more strict than the FDA, making their products safe for pregnant, nursing moms and young kids to eat on a regular basis.

Safe Catch Tuna is the only tuna brand that passes Consumer Reports “Low Mercury” Criteria for pregnant women and small children. It also has:

  • A mercury level 90% lower than the FDA’s mercury limit
  • Five times the Omega-3 compared to leading brands 
  • No fillers, GMO’s, gluten, or additives

What a great way for anyone to enjoy and feel safe about what they eat!

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