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Celebrate Mathematics Awareness Month With Books That Make Math Fun For The Tiniest Reader! {Giveaway}

In February, we celebrate Black History Month in dedication of the various contributions made by African Americans. Then in March, we celebrate Women’s History Month in commemoration of the contributions made by various women. Now, as we enter into April , we celebrate Mathematics Awareness Month, to help our young children develop an interest and an aptitude for mathematics. Unfortunately, some children are resistant to numbers and see them as a completely foreign language. Luckily there are some great resources available, like these three kid-friendly picture books starring some favorite characters, that will introduce children to basic math principles such as counting, shapes and fractions in a fun way. It’s a great way to help your child to begin establishing a solid, mathematics foundation and one that they will likely enjoy!

The first book, Peg + Cat: The Pizza Problem, is a wonderful choice for children ages 3-7 years old. In this book, it’s lunchtime at Peg’s Pizza Place! Peg and Cat are excited to take their first order- from the Teens! – only to learn that some of their customers want a whole pizza, while one of them wants half a pie. How can Peg and Cat make half a pie when they don’t know what half is? Luckily, Ramone and Mac are there to help, with a slice up the middle of the pizza. As more customers come in, things get entertaining, with Peg singing a jazzy song and Cat doing a dance. But soon there’s another problem: four orders, but only two and a half pizzas left. Peg is totally freaking out- until Cat reminds her that when it comes to halves and wholes, it’s all in how you slice it.



Another great addition, for children 4-8 years old, is Absolutely One Thing . It’s an absolutely funny look at simple math as encountered by Charlie and Lola. Sometimes, as a treat, Mom takes Charlie and Lola to the store and says that they may choose one thing. “One thing to share?” Lola asks. No, it’s one thing each, explains Charlie, or two actual things between two. Lola is nine minutes late getting ready, and on the way, there are ladybugs and birds to count, and maybe a squillion leaves on a tree. At the store, Lola says she’ll choose three things, or possibly two. “How about no things?” asks Mom. With Lola hilariously bending everyday numbers to her will, the math goes down easy in this charming picture book loaded with visual appeal.





And let’s not forget about Peppa Pig and the Lucky Ducks which is based on the popular show on Nick Jr. and perfect for children ages 2-5 years old. In it, Peppa and George would like to visit the ducks. They see one pond, but no ducks. Could the ducks be on an adventure? What lucky ducks! So Peppa and George go on an adventure, too. They jump in two muddy puddles, see three birds, and find four worms. But still, no ducks-yet! As Peppa and George explore outside and count all the way to twenty, some visitors appear. How lucky they all are!





With these entertaining and educational books from Candlewick Press, your child will not only have fun while learning but will begin to gain a firm grasp on basic math skills that they need before they even enter school. So, join us this month in celebrating mathematics with your child and share one of these books with your favorite little one. They’ll thank you for it!

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