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Ready to Hit the Beach? 9 Tips for A Safe Day

It’s beach season and parents should keep in mind some steps that will keep their children safe when in or near the ocean. While most adults worry about their children being at risk in pools, a large number of drowning incidents also happen in lakes, rivers, and oceans. According to the Center for Disease Control, […]

New Study Shows Black Homeowner Recovery Significantly Lags Whites; Wealth Disparity Widens

By Inga Sarda-Sorensen NEW YORK — America’s racial wealth gap increased dramatically following the recent housing market collapse, placing black homeowners at severe economic disadvantage, perhaps for generations to come. That’s the conclusion from new research released today by the American Civil Liberties Union.

” Not only were black homeowners devastated by the housing market collapse, […]

Got a Picky Eater? Using Your Mind Can Help

By Justin and Le-Anne Noble It’s not uncommon for children to pick and choose what they eat for every meal or what they absolutely refuse to eat. In fact, in a study published in PubMed Central shows that 13-22% of children aged 2-11 are considered picky eaters. It was also found that picky eating can […]

Better Young Readers With 6 Key Strategies

  By Dr. Shari Robertson, Ph.D. There’s certainly a reason that reading is the first of the three R’s. Reading is a fundamental skill needed to function in today’s society. There are few tasks that don’t involve some form of reading, which is why it’s so important for kids to learn early. Many child readers […]