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Ready for Camp! 3 Items We Love

Packing for sleepaway camp can have the whole house in disarray. Between campers trying to pack their entire rooms to parents triple checking for all the essentials, it’s pretty easy to lose track of it all. Well here are 3 items that we think will make packing and camping much, much easier.

1 – Zipit Bedding

Zipit Bedding ® is all-in-one zippered bedding that brilliantly combines the convenience of a sleeping bag with the comfort of stylish kids’ bedding. Completely eliminate the idea of messy bunks with this fun and easy way to make a bed. Just “zip it!” Zipit Bedding is great because it appeals to both boys and girls, with styles from Rock Princess to Extreme Sports. Folding down like a sleeping bag, the bedding zips up to keep kids warm, tucked in and comfy all night long with no kicked-off covers

Zipit Bedding comes fully equipped with secret side pockets, letting your camper store all of his or her gadgets. It even glows in the dark! Zipit Bedding is most certainly a go-to for a clean bunk and happy campers.

2 – Pop Up Soft Trunk

Packing just got a lot easier with a plethora of zippers on this convenient collapsible trunk. The Pop Up Soft Trunk™ is just the thing to move your camp gear with convenience and ease. The wire-framed Pop Up Soft Trunk keeps its traditional trunk shape even when it’s empty. When camp is over, the Pop Up Soft Trunk can collapse and lie flat for easy storage. It rolls on smooth inline skate wheels to make transportation as easy as possible.

The Pop Up Soft Trunk also has a built in LidMate Organizer, waterproof pouch, and shoe pocket and comes complete with 10 exterior pockets and 12 interior pockets. That’s plenty of room for just about anything campers can think of to bring on their trips. The Pop Up Soft Trunk makes packing much easier. No camper should leave home without it.

3 – Mabel’s Labels: Ltd. Edition Camp Label Pack

Mabel’s Labels is a go-to for campers and their parents. Labels are a perfect way to make sure campers don’t lose any items or accidentally swap with other campers while they’re away from home. Mabel’s Labels gets the idea, which is why they introduced the Limited Edition Camp Combo, complete with 10 personalized name stickers, 24 mini custom name stickers, 8 custom shoe stickers, 50 Tag Mates™ stick on clothing labels, and 2 personalized bag tags.

As a bonus, Mabel’s Labels includes five fun postcards so campers can keep in touch the old fashioned way and stay off those pesky devices and enjoy the great outdoors. This label set should be on every camper’s packing list.

Of course you should never forget your essentials like toiletries and extra clothes, but these cool items are sure to make the trip for your camper nice and clean without missing out on any of the fun.


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Mabel’s Labels – http://mabelslabels.com/limited-edition-camp-label-pack.html

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