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Ready for Camp! 3 Items We Love

Packing for sleepaway camp can have the whole house in disarray. Between campers trying to pack their entire rooms to parents triple checking for all the essentials, it’s pretty easy to lose track of it all. Well here are 3 items that we think will make packing and camping much, much easier. 1 – Zipit […]

After McKinney: What Can Black Parents Do? Listen Here: Jacque Reid & Kimberly Seals Allers on the Tom Joyner Morning Show

No parent can watch the now viral video of the police interaction with black youth after a pool party in McKinley, Texas without cringing. And possible crying. Beyond our upset and tears, what must black parents think about, do and say to their children to possibly (emphasis on POSSIBLY) prevent another situation. Jacque Reid (@JacqueReid) […]

Need To Reduce Your Kids’ Screen Time?? Check Out These Screen-Free, Radio Broadcasts Your Kids Will Love!

Good news parents! A new, weekly broadcast is being hailed as NPR for kids. It’s screen free and educational. Check out Alex Gordon Radio  which features musical content, news stories, young reporters and new episodes every Monday! Subscriptions start at $4.00 for one month. You’re welcome!

Books We Love!: CHILD PLEASE, How Mama’s Old-School Lessons Helped Me Check Myself Before I Wrecked Myself

We love a good parenting take, especially one from a smart and savvy black perspective. That’s why we just heart the new book by journalist and parenting expert, Ylonda Gault Caviness. Foregoing the politically correct safe zone, Caviness takes a refreshing perspective to reveal the hard and fast rules of being black in America, including […]

Avoid the Summer Slump: 6 Tips To Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

Good news: School’s out.  Bad news: Studies show that many children forget up to 2 months of lessons during summer vacation which forces teachers to spend the beginning of each school re-teaching what students had previously mastered.  But when school lets out for summer vacation, a child’s learning shouldn’t have to take a break as well.   Experts say it’s important to keep […]