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My Teenage Miracle & The Annie Movie—Now Out on DVD and Blu-Ray

Last week a miraculous thing happened. My 14-year-old daughter (yes, a teenager!), in the midst of high  school applications and summer camp applications and exams, asked me to sing her a song to help calm her nerves so she could sleep. She had me at hello. The requested song was Opportunity from the movie Annie.

While it is certainly momentous that any teenager still makes such requests, it is even more so a testament to the power of the movie Annie. Ever since we saw Annie as a family, we haven’t stopped singing the songs, dancing to the music and remembering the characters. It is one of those movies you can bond with as a family.

Yes, the diverse, all-star cast is certainly quite unforgettable—Quvenzhane Wallis, Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale and more. And Wallis bring a fresh cultural spin to the movie and wins us over with her sheer charm. And yes, we loved the references to cell phones and Twitter. And we couldn’t resist the classic Annie favorite songs remixed with a modern R&B beat along with some new additions to the soundtrack.

But there’s something about this movie Annie—the modern take on a timeless classic—that touched my family in a special way. We just love the story—the idea of wanting something better. The idea of persevering and still being optimistic. The realization of what really matters in life. The quest to be connected to family and the opportunity to be great.

I think that’s what made Opportunity such a connecting point for my daughter. She was drawn to Annie’s spunkiness, street savvy, determination, and in this version, her vulnerability.  She saw herself as a young girl with a moment to seize, in her case for her future education, and she was inspired to put on her best show. As a whole, Annie is infectious, leaving you feeling inspired and reminded (as we all need) that tomorrow is always another day full of promise.

All of this makes Annie perfect for your next family movie night and perfect for your next family sing- along or dance party (ours are on Saturday morning!). I’m so excited that Annie is now available as a Blu-Ray Combo pack as well as Digital HD. I’ll definitely be getting mine at www.annie-movie.com.

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Sony Entertainment Pictures and SheKnows.

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