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July 4th: Help Fund the business dreams of veterans

This 4th of July, you might be curious to know what soldiers and veterans do when they’re done with war, especially since there are more than 2.3 million African American vets in the US. Regrettably, sometimes the hopes and dreams of our African American Vets are often forgotten as they seek ways to heal from military wounds, to integrate back into civilian life and to find jobs. But some veterans are fighting back by turning all their training and discipline into launching new businesses – some of which may help to employ and hire other veterans and military personnel.

This 4th of July TwistRate – THIS FIRST INVESTMENT PORTAL SOLEY DEDICATED TO VETERANS –  will be launching allowing Americans to come together online to invest in the innovations, dreams and community causes of America’s veterans, service members and law enforcement communities.  THIS NEW PORTAL WILL BE VITAL TO MINIORITY VETS LOOKING TO FULFILL THEIR DREAMS. Through TwistRate, communities will be able to come together to fund their own projects and ideas without the need of deep corporate pockets or institutional investors.

Sadly, Veterans who have historically had higher jobless rates often have to use VA loans to start their own businesses, but TwistRate is working to change this.

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