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Thalia Launches Her First Children’s Album In The U.S.: “Viva Kids, Vol.1”

International award-winning superstar also launches popular YouTube webisode series,

‘Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos’ (This is How We Do It)

International award-winning actress, singer and author Thalia launches her first children’s album, “VIVA KIDS, VOL. 1.,” in the U.S. “VIVA KIDS” is a nostalgic, cultural and educational CD + DVD comprised of some of the most popular traditional children’s songs, reimagined with exciting, contemporary pop sounds.

 “I initially came up with the concept for this album after noticing that all my favorite childhood songs were no longer available for today’s generation of children,” said Thalia. “This album is so special and personal to me because my own children are part of this generation and I wanted to pass these songs on to them to preserve them.”

 The album features 11 fun and catchy children’s classics, ranging from traditional Latin songs like “El Bosque de la China” and “Las Mañanitas,” to Spanish-language interpretations of English classics like “Estrellita” (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), to English-language songs like “Sugar Rush.” These songs will have your kids bouncing and dancing at their tippy toes to the sound of Thalia. Each one features an accompanying animated video that will visually transport children into a colorful and fun magical world.

 “I originally recorded these songs for my kids, but later realized that I could turn these songs into a full album as a way for other parents pass on these traditional songs to their children as well,” continued Thalia. “I also created videos to accompany each song because children are visual learners and parents can use this album as an educational tool to enhance their kids’ language skills, or even for English-speaking kids to learn Spanish!”

 With almost 12 million followers on Facebook, approximately six million followers on Twitter and 694,000 followers on Instagram, Thalia has undeniably become a powerful digital influencer across all of her social media platforms. Drawing from this immense fan base and existing international star power, she has also teamed up with Spin Move Network – a YouTube MCN specializing in premium artist-driven content – to launch her new channel, Thalia Viva, aimed at building a community that is focused on music, fashion and lifestyle. In the first three months, Thalia Viva has amassed over 40,000 subscribers, making it one of the top 200 fastest-growing YouTube channels.

 “My fans are everything to me, and social media is really the only way I can truly connect with them on a personal level,” said Thalia. “I love the fact that I can get immediate feedback from my fans and always keep them in the loop of everything I am working on.”

 Taking into account this huge popularity on social media, in addition to her first children’s album, Thalia is also evolving her digital brand and pioneering in a new media initiative. She recently launched a YouTube channel webisode series, “Asi Es Como Lo Hacemos” (“This Is How We Do It”).

 The new webisode series features Thalia joining forces with different people in their field of work and highlighting the importance of their jobs by learning from each other and having fun. The series has already garnered over one million views and Thalia is currently in production for season two.

 “I’ve done my job for as long as I can remember and it’s so exciting and refreshing to be able to just go out there and learn about different careers,” said Thalia. “I’m definitely having a great time and, so far, my fans love  it!”

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