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What’s Missing From Earth Day Celebrations? More Talk of Breastfeeding

Today, as over one billion people in over 192 countries celebrate Earth Day and everyone is thinking about ways to be more environmentally conscious. But few things are more “green” than breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is often framed as a personal decision, but it is most definitely also a planetary one. Breastmilk is one of very few […]

African Americans and Down Syndrome: A Grandmother’s Journal: “Watching Him Shine” (Part 2)

Of all the things a mother wishes for her grown daughter–a healthy, thriving child is certainly one of them.  But when Tia Johnson of New Jersey, learned that her daughter was pregnant with a baby boy who tested positive for Down Syndrome, she experienced a whole suite of emotions. She shares the gripping details of […]

A Mother’s Story: African Americans and Down Syndrome: “This was not a death sentence. My child has potential.” (Part 1)

There are many misconceptions about Down Syndrome, especially in the African American community. Some people believe that black children don’t get Down Syndrome.  Although, recent studies show that African Americans have the lowest reported prevalence of Down Syndrome, it certainly occurs in our community. Also, unfortunately, the average life expectancy for an African American in the U.S. with […]

Dinosaur Lovers: The Mighty T-REX Roams the Newark Museum on May 3

Jurassic Park comes to the Newark Museum when the “Mighty T-Rex” headlines a day of activities at the 7thannual Dinosaur Day on Saturday, May 3 from 10 am to 4:30 pm. Dinosaur Day engages children through hands-on experiences, games, performances and presentations.  Children will meet and interact with the “Mighty T-Rex,” a 15-foot long mechanical dinosaur […]