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A Valentine’s Day Poem: Finding a Superlative Love

By Micheal Ellis

Today you find the best of love. Big and bright blue as the planet Venus over the morning horizon; all that love has to give, you will encounter. Whether in Walmart, Central Park, a wheat farm in middle America or surrounded by a thousand lilies under a cherry-colored sky. Today is the day. You see that particular smile and a kaleidoscope is unleashed in your heart and you realize the world is in love with you.
Today, the pain is no more. You are layered in light. You smile and whisper, “I am capable of anything.” You turn your back to the sun, look upwards and shout, “I own the sky!” The sun jealously hides behind a cumulus cloud. The world has pushed, and pushed, and pushed you so far away from your dreams you can hardly see them anymore. Today you start to push back.
Love will not be diminished by difficulties. Today, you will kiss your husband, wife, lover, best friend, as if kissing a stranger you only met a week ago. It’s OK to disappear inside the person you love.
Today you will get out of your own way and let your unconscious self happen. You whisper, “I am not going to be the person I’m expected to be any longer.” Finally, you are captivated by the light.
A yellow taxi stops at a red light; you cross the street, and as you do, you catch a glimpse of the most beautiful smile. And you know in your heart, you’ve just found the love of your life. The two of you briefly stare at one another, the light turns green and the taxi speeds away, but you smile knowing the love of your life is out there looking for you. But in spite of all this, today, right here, right now, you will see how unique your reflection is and look deep inside and see just how special you truly are. Now discovering how much you should love you. For it is the greatest love of all.

One Response to “A Valentine’s Day Poem: Finding a Superlative Love”
  1. Maritza Calderon says:

    What a beautiful and eye opening poem about the importance of self love.

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