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New Clothing Line Promotes Self-Esteem in Black Children

By Tiffany Forte

A lot of popular images in the media are not so positive. However, Steve Johnson is fighting to change this with his “Be… Fearless” clothing apparel line. The Fearless Five concept is based on a team of young, black children spending their free time using their imaginations to be superheroes. “As parents, we desire to see children grow up believing that they are powerful and full of potential,” says Johnson. “Enhancing the self-concept of black children is critically important given the fact that they are bombarded so early in life with imagery that effectively devalues their self-concept at such a critical stage. We want to change that by having them see images of children that resemble them in a positive light.”

The first product from the Fearless Five concept was a five-part picture book series for ages 3 to 9 years old. The books feature artwork and exciting storylines with positive themes such as teamwork, determination, caring for others and preserving the environment.

Each of the five t-shirt designs offered by HNK Concepts showcases a team member with an uplifting message. The t-shirts ($14.99 each) and the books ($4.99 each) are available on fearlessfive.com.

HNK Concepts seeks to be a driving force in bringing innovative, high-quality products that offer children positive imagery within the targeted categories of apparel, video, toys and games, software and print media product lines. Johnson explains, “We want to see all children, especially young, black children, believing in themselves. This is our effort toward realizing that goal.”

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  1. This is a very nice endeavor. To give encouragement and support to our youth today is important in helping them to build self esteem. I had come across this site http://mythinking.net/encouragement-helps-us-all/ that encouragement from others is very important especially as a guidance to young ones.

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