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There’s No “Just Getting Over It” & 8 Other Things You Need to Know After Pregnancy or Infant Loss

Grieving the loss of your child can be compounded by other peoples views or insensitivities.  Tamisha, a legal secretary from Long Beach, California, had a normal pregnancy.  However, there was a malformation that wasn’t detected on the ultrasound.  Her baby died four hours after birth. Doctors and nurses avoided her, ignored her questions or gave […]

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Month: Erica’s Story: A Near-Death Experience with HELLP Syndrome & Losing Baby Grace

This month we have been spotlighting pregnancy and infant loss.  For some expectant parents, complications arise causing the baby to die days after the baby is born.  Sometimes the baby has health issues, but in Erica’s case, she developed a condition that put her in danger causing a chain of events that led to infant […]

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month: Phyllis’ Story: Tears for Baby Adam & Fears in Her Next Pregnancy

This week in recognition of pregnancy and infant loss month we’re sharing powerful personal stories of amazing women who faced unspeakable circumstances–losing a baby–but are talking about it and empowering other women with their experiences. Phyllis Baldwin, of Chicago, lost her second child, Adam, at the 22-week mark in her pregnancy.  Doctors couldn’t tell her why […]

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Month: Actress Lela Rochon Shares Her Story, Trusting Your Body & Important Tips for Black Women

Sadly, despite all the modern-day medical triumphs, almost 16% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage or still birth according to CDC statistics compiled in 2004.  October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month and this week we are sharing empowering personal stories, tips and resources on this important subject that affects millions of families every […]

Tasty Tuesday: One Yummy Way To Add Pumpkin Spice To Your Greens

The smoothie “fad” isn’t going away.  As a matter of fact, it is getting stronger and stronger as the health benefits become clearer.  It is a great way to get your vitamins and fiber while filling you up so that you may consume fewer calories per day.  Preparation usually takes a few moments so this […]

Tasty Tuesday: It’s The Great Pumpkin! And Sangria Soup

Fall lends itself to a very interesting time.  We want to embrace what is left of summer, while cuddling up due to the nip of the fall air.  Today’s Tasty Tuesday offering pairs those two things together beautifully. Sangria is the toast of all things summer.  There’s wine.  There’s fruit.  It is a good time […]

Breast Cancer And Pregnancy: When Carrying A New Life Becomes A Life And Death Decision

Pregnancy is a great time, but it can also be very troubling.  Will you eat the wrong kind of fish?  Did you forget your pregnancy vitamin again?  Is it really time to chuck your favorite jeans for the more comfortable (but less fashionable) maternity pants?  Wine, yes or no? For some women and families they […]

Fed Up Friday: I’m Fed Up With the Natural vs. Relaxed Hair Wars

By Ella Rucker There’s a new set of mean girls in town, and their clique is #TeamNatural.  You know the women; they are the African American women who have given up relaxers, or the “creamy crack” as the chemical is now called, for the hair growing right out of their head.  Hair that’s not processed […]

Do Your Kids Feel “Entitled”? 4 Tips to Get Them Back on Track

As a parent, there are several things that make us cringe, and the word “entitled” is one of the big ones.  It not only means our children think they are owed something, but most of the time they think we  are the ones from whom it is owed.  How are we to teach them the value […]

The Health Insurance Marketplace Is Now Open!: Where To Find What You Need

Today enrollment for the Affordable Care Act begins. There is a Health Insurance Marketplace set up at HealthCare.gov for those who would like to apply for or find answers about this new insurance coverage.  There are different options available for individuals, small businesses, and options are also different depending on your state. Open enrollment is […]