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It’s Sports Week: How Dwyane Wade Ended Up In Our House & Our FATHEAD GIVEAWAY

This is a true story. One that I must preface by saying that I am a die-hard New York Knicks fan. But I am also a basketball fan. And as a mother who gives a little leeway for developing your own opinions (they now say that is good for children), my 9 year old son has had the sheer audacity (while eating my food and sleeping under my roof, no less) to develop interests in other sports teams in addition to my beloved Knicks.

But you can imagine my shock when I walked into my son’s room and found all 6 foot, 4 inches of Dwyane Tyrone Wade, hanging out in my son’s room just in time for the Eastern Conference Finals. Ok, it was a Real. Big. FATHEAD …you know those amazing wall graphics with the really amazing images.  If you didn’t know, Fathead is the leader in officially licensed sports and entertainment graphics.  They have players and images from the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA , even kids’ stuff like Disney characters–all made as movable and resuable wall graphics, made from vinyl and with a low tack adhesive that allows you to move them from wall to wall with no surface damage.

Trust me, I moved D-Wade twice. Then my son made me put him back.

Fathead is a definite a fan favorite in our house (which is why I’m super excited about our AMAZING giveaway. Read on!)

We love sports in our home. I’m  more of a watcher than a doer, but I keep my kids active in all sorts of activities. Sports can build character. It can help a child learn how to practice and improve their skills. They learn the thrill of winning and the art of losing. These are all important life skills.
















The thought of Dwyane Wade looming large over me every time I walk into that room, especially as my Knicks are done for the season, really hurts. But watching my son develop his own love for the game and his own appreciation for players has been priceless. Albeit, a little painful.


It’s SPORTS WEEK  on MochaManual.com and we’re sharing great tips, personal stories and products for all the sports fans, the sports players and the moms who drive them around.  THIS WEEK, we’re giving away TWO  REAL.BIG. FATHEADS. To win, just like us on Facebook  OR follow us on Twitter and we’ll randomly select a winner on Friday.





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