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Kim & The Kids in the City: ANNIE, THE MUSICAL. A Must-See!

I admit, I’m biased. Annie is one of my childhood favorites. When I was about eleven years old, me and my BFF attempted to organize a neighborhood production of Annie in my parents’ basement. LOL.  My BFF and I both wanted to play Annie and before our friendship imploded over the issue, we nixed the whole idea. But Annie forever lives in my heart. And my children know, the movie version with Carol Burnett as Mrs. Hannigan is almost always my pick for family movie night.

So when the kids and I went to see Annie, The Musical on Broadway, I am not sure who was more excited. But we were all running neck and neck.  But I do know for certain that none of us were disappointed. From It’s a Hard Knock Life to the last refrain of Tomorrow, we were all captivated by the music, the set and of course, the phenomenal child actors. How impressive!

There’s nothing better than a timeless classic, well done. Annie, The Musical is all of that!

Run! http://www.anniethemusical.com/about


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