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I know back to school is stressful for the kids–new teachers, new routines, a renewed desire to not go back to school, but, let’s face it,  it is even more stressful for moms.
I mean, have you seen the school supply lists we have to contend with?? What about the mountain of forms that come home the first day? I haven’t signed that much paperwork since I purchased my first home. Can you say carpal tunnel??  Not to mention that we have to get right back to homework monitoring, producing meals at a reasonable hour (not my summer supper thing), getting them into bed at a reasonable hour (not my summer “whatever” thing), and keeping track of all the after school activities.

And now that I have one kid in elementary school and one kid in middle school, the level of time management and people management involved is making me grateful for my time at Columbia Business School.
After three days, I was exhausted. Totally. And I’m not ashamed to say, I needed a break!!

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