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In Their Own Words: Real Women Share Their Breastfeeding Experiences

I’m a 1st generation college/graduate school, educated, married stay at home mother of two, 7 yr old son whom I breastfed to 18 months and my 13 month old daughter that I’m still breastfeeding. I’m proud to say that when I chose to breastfeeding my son (despite the horror of my entire family), I stuck with […]

In Their Own Words: Real Women Share Their Breastfeeding Experiences

I gave birth to my son in February 2012 and have been breastfeeding ever since. It’s the best decision I have made as a mother. It took a week for my milk to come in, but our lactation consultant was wonderful and supportive and helped us survive the week. I recently returned to work and […]


Even though I’m being constantly bombarded with back to school commercials, I’m still enjoying my last bits of summer.  I don’t care about 5 cent glue sticks or $4 khakis, I’m looking for my last summer getaway, thank you very much. Let’s face it, summer is the only season who wish could linger a little […]

BIG NEWS! Deal Season in Orlando Runs Aug.15th- Sept. 30th. It’s Not Too Late for Summer Travel!

  Travel Savings Tip: Deal Season in Orlando Starts August 15th Everyone loves deals. And I’m no exception. And if I get a chance to tell another mom or dad about an amazing family vacation deal, then I’m all in. That’s why I’m super excited to tell you about the deal season in Orlando that […]

Race, Privilege and Why I Won’t Be At ‘BlogHer’

Nobody probably noticed, but I’ve been boycotting all the major mom blogger/blogger conferences for about two years now. I just couldn’t stomach the lack of diversity in the attendees, speakers, or topics. Or paying my hard-earned money to feel out of place, outnumbered, unheard or isolated. No thanks. For me, it was just a painful […]