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The last click is the hardest.

Of all of my online travel bookings, the one that completes the reservation to send my children to London for eight weeks of summer with their father is the hardest. No expedited Internet search, discounts or “negotiator” could make this travel bearable.

Shortly after our divorce, my “wasband” decided to leave America (and his children) and return to his home country. Just when I thought I had adjusted to my “new normal” of packing them up for weekends with their dad, he told me he was moving, and I was once again in unchartered territory.

The fact that my marriage could go bust and I would end up with a heart-wrenching trans-Atlantic visitation arrangement is something I didn’t think of when the allure of an international romance carried me to London, Paris and ultimately to our wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland. When you’re focused on making it work, you don’t always explore all the nooks and crannies of the “what if” if it doesn’t. My bad.

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