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…And other back to school hysteria I can live without.


If one more mom friend calls me in a frenzy of excitement to let me know of 3 cent erasers there or 25 cent notebooks here, I will scream. The “Did you do your BTSS?” phone calls. The “Done with BTSS???” texts. The “BTSS sale at Walmart!!” alerts. Enough already! Remember when you went to school with one (plain) notebook and a pencil. BTSS done!
It’s school supplies, people and it’s not that serious. Also, please do not call me about $5 khakis.

What is it about back to school that causes such mom-induced hysteria? Is it our sheer joy at getting our little critters back into school and out of our hair for seven hours? Or is back to school another outlet for our competitive, over zealous ways and after a lazy summer we are itching and dying to outdo one another once again?

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