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MochaManual Dads in NYC Share Their Favorite Father’s Day Moments

Happy Father’s Day to all the Mocha Manual families! Journalism students from Clark Atlanta University took to the streets of New York City to ask dads about what they love most about fatherhood. Take a moment to ooh and aah at these dads’ memories, dreams and favorite Father’s Day gifts.
Stephen Miller,Sr.: 53 years old, Father of 8, Grandfather of 6
Now that your children are adults — with the youngest being 19 — what do you want for them the most?”More than anything, I want my children to have a good life, work a good job, and above all, be able to take care of themselves.”
Most memorable Father’s Day: Smiling, Miller stated, “When my children threw me a BIG Father’s Day gathering, and most of them were able to attend.”
Nelson George: 79 years old, Father of 2, Grandfather, Great-Grandfather.
Question: What has been the best part of fatherhood for you?
“As a father, a grandfather and as a great-grandfather, I feel like I have made a worthwhile contribution to the world.”
Most memorable moment as a father: “I enjoyed taking my children to basketball games for family time, when I had spare time between my two jobs I was working.”
O’Lanso Gabbidon:  37 years old, Father of 2 daughters
Gabbidon was extremely excited to talk about his daughters, whom he described as “true daddy’s girls.”
Question: Being the father of two daughters, what’s the best part of fatherhood for you?
“When I come home from work each day and my two-year-old runs to the door screaming, “DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!” like she’s the only little girl in the world who has a daddy. Then my 8-year-old likes to sit down and have conversations about our day, but it’s only about hers!”
Most desired Father’s Day gift: “Whatever my wife and daughters decide to present me with. They know what I like and have access to all the accounts — I trust them to please me.”

Ciara Campbell is a recent graduate of Clark Atlanta University, who received a B.A degree in Mass Media Arts. Ciara is currently pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.

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