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9 Ways to Give Your Diaper Bag a ‘Green’ Makeover

Chemicals are everywhere. And they can be harmful to your baby. Now is the perfect time to make sure your products for your baby–or bump to be–are all natural. Check out these great suggestions on what to buy:

1. Diapers
Instead of:
Products that contain chlorine, artificial scents
Try: latex-free, dye-free products like Seventh Generation Diapers & Training Pants (Suggested retail price*: $12.99 each)

2. Baby Wipes
Instead of: 
Products that are chlorine-bleached and contain petroleum-derived ingredients and artificial scents
Try: Aloe vera, Vitamin E, refillable tubs like Seventh Generation Wipes (Suggested retail price*: $2.69)

3. Infant formula (only when breastfeeding is not an option)
Instead of: Artificial additives, colors and flavors, non-organic ingredients
Try: Organic; age-appropriate formula like Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula (Suggested retail price*: $32.99 for 23 ounce.)

4. Bottles
Instead of: BPA (bisphenol-A); phthalates
Try: glass bottles or ones with PCR content

5. Baby cereal/teething biscuits
Instead of:
Artificial additives, colors and flavors
Organic; whole grains like Happy Baby  Food Organic Puffs (Suggested retail price*: $3.49)

6. Baby food (jarred, frozen or homemade)
Instead of:
Artificial additives, colors and flavors; honey, fish with high mercury content; common allergens; junk food
Try: Organic; nutrient-rich foods such as Plum Organics Just Apples (Suggested retail price*: $1.49 each)

7. Teething, ears, colic, sleep
Instead of:
Medications with artificial ingredients or potential side effects
Try: Homeopathic remedies: certain herbs and herbal teas recommended by a practitioner. Hyland’s Teething Tablets (Suggested retail price*: $10.99) and Hyland’s Teething Gel (Suggested retail price*: $8.99) provide relief from pain associated with growing baby teeth.

Also, if you have a baby that struggles with colic, earaches and teething, you may be interested in listening to Molly Pollock on Whole Foods’ Whole Body Blog on May 25, where she will discuss that topic. Click here for more information.

8. Body Care
Instead of: Synthetic fragrances, nano particles, sulfates, parabens
Try: Products free of synthetic fragrance and artificial ingredients like Everyday Shea Shampoo and Body Wash for Babies & up, Everyday Shea Conditioner (Suggested retail price*: $7.99) & Detangler for Babies & up (Suggested retail price*: $7.99) and Green Babies Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen (Suggested retail price*: $17.99).

9. Cotton balls & swabs
Instead of:
Chlorine-bleached products
Try: Organic such as 365 Everyday Value organic cotton balls (Suggested retail price*: $3.49), swabs (Suggested retail price*: $3.99), quilted rounds (Suggested retail price*: $3.99).

*Product information is courtesy of Whole Foods.

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