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National Women’s Checkup Day: Be Sure to Schedule an Appointment!

We moms have a tendency to put everyone else’s needs first when it comes to care. But in honor of the 2012 National Women’s Health Week — which began Sunday, May 13 and ends Saturday, May 19
— we are inviting you to make your health needs and well-being a priority. Today is National Women’s Checkup Day; be sure to get your OBGYN on the phone and schedule an appointment.

In case you are wondering what to discuss with your doctor, we have attached this Wellness Exam Checklist — courtesy of Planned Parenthood —  which provides all of the screening exams you should discuss with your healthcare provider at your next appointment.  For more detailed information, you can visit any of the websites listed on the infographic, which include facts on birth control, breast cancer screening, and heart and bone health.

Happy National Women’s Checkup Day!



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