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The BB360° List: Black Breastfeeding Resources, Websites, Books, Blogs and More…

BB360° is all about giving you the resources you need. From expert advice and support organizations to books, blogs and more, we’re putting together the most comprehensive list of black breastfeeding resources there is. Scroll through to find your fancy, and if you have something to add please email it to info@mochamanual.com

The BB360° Reading List

The Wonder of Mother’s Milk by Mishawn Purnell O’Neal
Multicultural images and rhythmic text accompany this introduction to breastfeeding.
Reading Level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 16 pages
Click to purchase your copy The Wonder of Mother’s Milk.





Mommy’s Milk and Me by Mishawn Purnell O’Neal
A range of beautiful exotic land and sea animal photographs show the tender bond shared between mother and baby while nursing. Short, lively and rhythmic text complement the award-winning photographs. Mommy’s Milk & Me is the first book in this series and a great choice for any child you love.
Reading Level: Ages 4-8
Click to purchase your copy of Mommy’s Milk and Me.



A Black Woman’s Guide to Breastfeeding by Katherine Barber
A Black Woman’s Guide to Breastfeeding provides specific advice for African American women, whose           children suffer from asthma, SIDS,  and childhood obesity in higher rates than other ethnic groups. Click to  purchase A Black Woman’s Guide to Breastfeeding on Amazon.com.




This Milk Tastes Good! A Breastfeeding Nursery Rhyme by Chenniah Patrick

This family-friendly breastfeeding nursery rhyme advocates public nursing, nutritional benefits of breastfeeding and daddy’s involvement — all from the viewpoint of the baby.  Purchase this fun book by clicking here.





The BB360 Favorites List: Articles and Blogs

1. The (Black) Mother’s Milk Conundrum by Tanya Lieberman
2. Lactation Journey Blog
3. It’s Better At Home
4. ICTC Midwives
5. Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon
6. Public Health – Madison and Diane County
7. Blacktating
8. SoulVegMama

The BB360° Experts List

Dr.  Myrtis Sullivan,  associate director of the Office of Family Health, Illinois Department of Human Services, is an expert on Chicago’s current breastfeeding rates and where there are gaps within the neighborhoods and communities of Chicago. Contact Dr. Myrtis Sullivan via phone at 312-814-2434 or by email at Myrtis.Sullivan@illinois.gov. If in Chicago, visit Dr. Sullivan at the following address:

Department of Human Services
Community Health & Prevention
Office of Prevention/Family Health
1112 S. Wabash Ave., 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

Dr. Terry Mason, Chicago Department of Public Health commissioner, is passionate  about the importance of breastfeeding in relationship to the reduction of health risks throughout the lifespan of the child.  He focuses on studies that show how breastfeeding decreases the risk of infection, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases — and as such — is the primary foundation for health. To contact Dr. Mason, call 312-864-3000, email him at breastfeed@indianablackbreastfeedingcoalition.com or on LinkedIn.

Kiddada Green is president of the Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association in Detroit, Michigan, which focuses on  increasing awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding throughout the African American community. Contact the Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association by phone at 800.313.6141, email Kiddada Green at BlackMothersBreastfeeding@gmail.com or visit the organization’s website. If in Michigan, visit the Black Mothers Breastfeeding Association at 9641 Harper Avenue Detroit, MI 48213.

Kimarie Bugg MSN, MPH, is President and CEO of Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere Inc. (ROSE), a nonprofit developed to decrease breastfeeding disparities in the African American community. ROSE’s mission is to train African American healthcare providers and community organizations to provide culturally competent encouragement and support so that African American mothers may begin to breastfeed at higher rates — and sustain their breastfeeding experience to match the goals expected by the Surgeon General of the United States. Email Kimarie at breastfeedingrose@gmail.com.

On March 8, 1997, Katherine Barber’s life was changed with the birth of her son, Amyhr. Breastfeeding became such a part of her life that she was soon known as “that breastfeeding lady” to her friends and family. After reading everything she could find on breastfeeding, Katherine decided to take classes about breastfeeding. As a Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor, Katherine found tremendous joy in providing breastfeeding counseling to African American women. After learning that the breastfeeding rates for African American women are astonishingly low, Katherine decided to do something about it and started the African-American Breastfeeding Alliance (AABA). As Founder and Executive Director of AABA, Katherine travels around the country to educate women and professionals about the importance of breastfeeding. AABA offers breastfeeding counseling and Peer Counselor training courses.

Click to purchase a copy of Katherine’s book The Black Woman’s Guide To Breastfeeding , also listed under Mocha Manual’s reading list above, call Katherine at 410-818-0038 or email her at liveflosco@gmail.com.

The BB360° Non-Profit List

The International Center for Traditional Childbearing, Inc. (ICTC) is a non-profit African centered organization located in Portland, Oregon. ICTC was created to promote the health of women and their families and to train Black women aspiring to become midwives. We provide recruitment, education, and support to those desiring to serve their community. Email the center at ictc@ictcmidwives.org, pop by for a visit at 3821 NE Martin Luther King Boulevard, Portland, OR 97212 or call at 503-460-9324.








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