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Joseph Allers: London, UK

Joseph dishes on breasts as sex tools versus vehicles for feeding babies — and has key advice for men supporting their wives through the breastfeeding process.

Lexy: Virginia Beach, VA

Lexy discusses the disappointment that mastitis brought into her life, why she didn’t breastfeed and how she feels now.  

Delmetria: McKinney, Texas

In a few words: “Breastfeeding was the most extraordinary experience of my life — all three times.” Her biggest challenge? Breastfeeding a newborn and two-year-old simultaneously.

Onica: Two Years of Breastfeeding and My West Indian Culture

In the West Indies, breastfeeding was a given, but in America it’s another matter.  Hear Onica’s surprises, disappointments and sheer delights of her two-year breastfeeding experience.

Alma, Grandmother, Dalzell, SC

Andrea, Lansing, Michigan, 55

Angelique, Chicago, 43

April, Lithonia, GA

Crystal, Houston, TX

Cursha, Atlanta, GA, 32