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New to Breastfeeding? 6 Tips for Moms

Knowledge is power — and you need lots of power when you take on the challenge of breastfeeding your new baby. There are plenty of things you can do to prepare yourself prior to childbirth to be ready to fully and successfully nurse your baby.

▪ Prenatal visits and care are very important. Premature babies often aren’t able to breastfeed as easily as full-term newborns. So making sure your infant is as healthy as possible on arrival is paramount.
▪ There are several classes you can take to alleviate some of the surprises of nursing. There are traditional classes and one-on-one training sessions available in most areas. Your doctor may have recommendations and so may your midwife if she isn’t doubling as your lactation specialist.
▪ Your health is important while breastfeeding and prior to your baby’s arrival. Talk to your doctor about your choice to nurse, with an emphasis on breast surgeries and medications you are using.
▪ Make sure your medical team at the hospital is aware of your desire to breastfeed. The sooner you start nursing after delivery the better, as the first hour after birth is when the instinct to suckle is very strong.
▪ Build a support system around you of people you know who have breastfed. There are also support groups in your neighborhood or online (such as BB360).
▪ YouTube or other online videos of real moms’ journeys are also wonderful guides for nursing.

As with everything in motherhood, every experience will be different — but the more you prepare for nursing your baby, the better chance you have of enjoying and successfully nourishing your child.

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