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Six Helpful Hints for Effective Breastfeeding

A good latch is essential when breastfeeding.  Latching is something that babies know how to do instinctively, but there are a few things you can do to help your little one suckle.

•  Skin to skin contact with the baby is very helpful in the beginning stages of learning to get your baby to latch.  The warmth and closeness help comfort you and the baby.

•  Letting your baby nuzzle upright between your breasts is a good way to get your baby to want to suckle.  The closer babies are to the breast the more they “sense” it and look to take it in for a feeding.

•  Supporting the baby’s back and neck during feedings is important.  This can be aided with nursing pillows, regular pillows, or by just supporting the neck and shoulders with one hand and the hips with the other.

•  A slight tilt back of the baby’s head and neck helps them take the breast into their mouths.

•  Let your baby feel your breast with their mouth and cheek.  This often gives them a signal that it is time to have food.

•  It may seem like you are smothering your baby, but a good latch involves lining the nose up in the opposite the nipple.  Once the chin presses into your breast their mouths will open wider allowing for a good latch.

It takes a little time for moms to feel comfortable about the way the baby latches.  As long as you and the baby are comfortable and you are assured they are getting milk, it is okay to adopt the policy that makes you most comfortable when breastfeeding.



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