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Making the Most of a High-Risk Pregnancy

High-risk pregnancy is a nerve-wracking experience, creating fear and limitations for those who have to go through it. Learn how you can still have a fulfilling, fun and sexy pregnancy.

Top 5: Reasons for Kids to Eat Breakfast

An alarming number of children don’t eat breakfast before going to school every day. Boys Town, the national child and healthcare organization, gives five reasons that your kid needs to eat breakfast — today!

Celebrate Black Marriage with the Flick ‘Still Standing’

“Still Standing” — a new film by nationally renowned marriage experts Lamar and Ronnie Tyler — celebrates and advocates the powerhouse that is black marriage. Be sure to catch the last few showings of the film at theaters around the U.S.

Six Helpful Hints for Effective Breastfeeding

Having trouble with breastfeeding? Nursing pillows, letting your baby feel your breast and several other tips from experts will make this bonding experience much smoother.

New to Breastfeeding? 6 Tips for Moms

Taking classes, making sure that you’re taking in enough nutrients and even joining a support group are among the many tips that experts advocate for Mocha Moms new to breastfeeding. Read the following tips to make sure you’re ready to feed your baby.

Getting in a Good Latch

While acheiving the proper latch can be a painful experience, it doesn’t have to be. Learn from a mom who knows how to get your baby to suckle correctly — the first time around.

A Breastfeeding Guide for Dads

Dads are a key component to breastfeeding success. Learn how your man can help you with the process.

Angela Burgin Logan: Pre-Eclampsia and My Breastfeeding Experience

As an expecting mom, Angela Burgin Logan dreamed of breastfeeding her baby. But when she nearly died from undiagnosed severe pre-eclampsia which led to heart, lung and kidney failure, her breastfeeding experience dramatically changed. Listen to Angela’s powerful story and learn more about pre-eclampsia at http://www.ladiesliveandlearn.com

Trayvon Martin, the N-Word and Dealing with My Hurt at “Hurt Village”

Like any mother, you’d like to think your children won’t suffer the same pains you have. And as a black mother, I’ve prayed that in our so-called post-racism society and after all that has been struggled through and fought for that these things just don’t happen anymore.

Greg: London, UK

Greg discusses the sweet flavor of breast milk, his thoughts on nursing wear, and his wife’s discomfort — yet affirms that his wife’s breasts were more beautiful to him after breastfeeding because of the job they completed: feeding his child.