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Fighting With Your Tween Over Going Out? Try This G.O. Checklist (As Featured on PIX11 News)

There was always drama with my tween when she wanted to go to a party or event. I had questions like who was going to be there, how many parents were supervising and if any boys would be there. Instead of going over these questins everytime, I created the G.O. (go out) checklist–it lists all the requirments and info needed to get a “Yes” and let’s my daughter know what details are required to go out. And she signs it. So many moms found it helpful and it was featured on Pix11 News. Click here to watch it and keep reading to use the G.O. checklist.

The G.O. CheckList

Whose party/event/house am I asking to attend? ________________

I know what time it starts and ends. Starts_________ Ends________

I personally know the party host. I know her from________________.

Mom knows the party/event host.

Mom knows the parent. Or I can get a number for mom to be introduced to the parent
before the event.

I have a landline number for the home/location of the party.

I know how many parents are supervising. ____________

Other kids I know will be there. And I can tell mom who they are.

I give my word I have not heard about any drugs or alcohol being available there.

There is a plan for activities not just hours of free time.

I have no school project due that weekend or all homework/school work has completed and

I understand my outfit must be “appropriate” and agreed upon by Mom.

Signed: ________________________________________________

Created by Kimberly Seals Allers, founder of www.MochaManual.com

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  1. Cheryl J says:

    Great Chart!

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