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SuperNanny Says Some Blacks Misconstrue Prov. 13:24

In case you haven’t picked up the Good Book lately that’s the scripture that essentially says, spare the rod and spoil the child. Folks like to quote this scripture a lot to justify spanking.

Thankfully, my children respond to other forms of discipline-so far–but I’ve never ruled out a good spanking from my parenting toolkit. But unfortunately, spanking has been abused and overused and not used properly.

I talked about this recently with America’s new SuperNanny, Deborah Tilman. She said that 85% of all Americans spank their kids. So it’s not just a black thing.

I told her that when my mother spanked us, she would sit you down explain why you were getting a spanking, she would tell you it was going to hurt her more than it hurt us, and after the spanking she would hug us and tell us that she loved us and explain to us again why we got the spanking.

I get that doesn’t happen much anymore and many folks just spank out of anger.  Others overuse Prov. 13:24 to justify spankings.

But here’s what Deborah Tilman had to say about Prov. 13:24

“I was an evangelist and when you really look at the Bible and at Prov. 13:24, you see that the rod was used to steer and guide the sheep. The rod was to correct them, not necessarily to beat them. So yes, you better correct them, but over time the bible verse has been misconstrued. Jesus did not go around spanking children. Should we correct them, yes!

“It also creates a generational curse where people say, “I turned out all right”, as if there is a direct correlation between you getting spanked and your turning out all right. You probably turned out all right because back in the day we had a village. If I did something, my neighbors told my mother before I did. We used to work together more. You were your brother’s keeper. I would love to see the village mentality return to the African American community.”

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