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Friday Flashback: AVON Founder’s Day. 4 Amazing Moms. The Secret to a $14 Million Sales Unit. And A Lesson in Female Empowerment

When it comes to empowering women, you know I'm all in.

That's why I was sooo excited to be asked to take part in Avon's Founder's Day celebration. First of all it was a chance to be on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for the closing bell–and as a former writer for FORTUNE and former Wall Street reporter for the New York Post, I couldn't wait to be back in the buzz, the frenzy and the excitement of the NYSE floor.

I tell everyone who knew me B.C. (before children) that I learned to speak loudly and curse appropriately by covering Wall Street as a woman and visiting the NYSE floor often. Was that good training for parenting????

Either way, I'm a big fan of Avon and an even bigger fan of what Avon stands for–empowering women to have financial independence.  The company was started by David H. McConnell and offered women a rarity in 19th century America: a chance at financial independence. In 1886, it was practically unheard of for a woman to run her own business.



But today, OMG! the women I met at the Founder's Day reception after the closing bell (in a most fabulous room of the exchange) were successful business owners, sassy, confidence and straight up amazing! 

Like Marie from Irvington, New Jersey who was raised by a single mom who supported her family by selling Avon. Now Marie is doing that and then some–starting off selling Avon while working as a labor and delivery nurse (I should have left her a copy of The Mocha Manual to a Fabulous Pregnancy…Darn!) and now leading a team of over 300 reps and earning over 1 MILLION DOLLARS in annual sales.

Or Liz who was looking for a flexible business that would help her take care of her children and is now an executive unit leader in Medford, New York.

Or Hazel, a mother of three,  who started in 2008 and now makes over $2000 a month, which she is putting toward college savings for her children.

Then there was Janet Erb who has been selling Avon for 62 years. Did you hear me??? 62 years. She said that she still loves door to door sales the most, but her daughter who has been selling for 35 years, has set up her website "stuff."  (This woman was awesome!)

And finally, a couple from Florida, who began selling Avon in 1990 and a little over ten years later have a $14 million unit.  The secret: "Perseverance," they told me. " Keep working at it. The brand recognition, quality and integrity of Avon sells itself." 

They also spoke of the importance of online sales and using social media–note to all of you aspiring mompreneurs out there…

And for all the women of color who thought AVON didn't have much for US, the sales reps have two words for you: Paul Innis. The celebrity make up artist has created a new shade palette for darker skin tones. Whoo hooo!!

Avon CEO Andrea Jung addresses the crowd at the after-bell reception!


I am a paid brand ambassador for AVON. My views are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Avon and its affiliates.

3 Responses to “Friday Flashback: AVON Founder’s Day. 4 Amazing Moms. The Secret to a $14 Million Sales Unit. And A Lesson in Female Empowerment”
  1. I love! This article was wonderful to read. It inspired to sell more!

  2. I love selling Avon! This article was wonderful and it inspired me to continue. Thanks


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