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The Buzz: Kimberly Seals Allers Is Named An IATP Food & Community Fellow

foodsocietylogo.fc.pngThe IATP Food and Community Fellows are innovative change makers who
advocate for food and farming systems that are just and healthy for all
people. My work will focus on the "first food"–breastmilk, and increasing awareness and breaking down the racial and social barriers around breastfeeding in vulnerable communities. No food system can be equitable if our youngest citizens and their mothers don’t have fair access to the first food. The "first food" matters.

Kimberly Seals Allers is named an IATP Food & Community Fellow

My fresh idea is to make a significant impact on reducing
infant mortality and improving infant and child health by advocating in
vulnerable communities for greater use of the "first
food"–breastmilk. By educating and advocating for systems change to
increase breastfeeding rates and length of engagement in the African American community,
we can bridge the historic racial gap and create an environment for supportive
breastfeeding in a food desert environment, while directly impacting malnutrition
and poor infant health in low-income populations.

 The premise of my idea is simple: no conversation about
equitable food systems can truly exist without including the “first food” and
understanding how the racial and social inequities around breastfeeding adversely
affect vulnerable babies. My work will raise awareness, educate, advocate and
increase media exposure on the critical “first food” message so that it is a
consistent and ever-present part of the sustainable food conversation.


Meet my impressive fellow Fellows and learn more about our work creating a fair and equitable food system for all. 




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