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My Life Mondays: Broke and Saved By a Free McDonald’s Asian Salad (SMH!)

The other week I was broke.

Not, I don't have any money in the bank broke, but broke in the sense of  I promised-to-stick to-my-weekly-spending-budget-but-found-myself-having-depleted- said budgeted funds by Thursday- kind of broke. 

My budget busting had gotten so bad I had to start imposing stiff penalties on myself if I run through my cash allotment for the week and find myself at the ATM taking out more cash ahead of schedule.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem?

On this occasion, if I went to the ATM before the week was out the punishment was no wine for a week!

Clearly I have masochistic tendencies.

And I had every intention of eating at home (in accordance with the savings plans) but of course, one morning meeting ran over and then one errand took longer and I found myself starving and nowhere close to home.

When I was rummaging through my bag thinking of a master plan, (Ok, ok, I was looking for my ATM card), I found these promo cards tucked away in my little "ideas" notebook. They were coupons for a free Asian Chicken salad that I received after a recent McDonalds First Taste event.

The event was to highlight McDonald's new balanced menu options including the Asian Salad and the Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie. Apparently, you can have a meal at Mickey D's for under 600 calories.  Who knew?

Not that calories were on my mind. I was hungry.And the thought of sitting down with a nice salad and a icy Diet Coke (don't judge me!) was just the quickie that I needed.

I had some bad salad experiences at McDonald's so I was a little skeptical but this salad was surprisingly GREEN–there's nothing worse than passing off a bowl full of iceberg lettuce as a salad.  SMH

It was so yummy, I went to another McDonald's the next day to use another coupon! This location had a less green salad (too much pale iceberg), so that ended my two-salad run, but I made it through the week, busted budget and all and was still able to enjoy a nice lunch.

Don't you love it when broke doesn't get in the way of your day? Have you been saved by freebies or otherwise creative when you've blown your budget?  Any tips for when I'm in that situation again now that I'm coupon-less????


One Response to “My Life Mondays: Broke and Saved By a Free McDonald’s Asian Salad (SMH!)”
  1. I’m giggling b/c this is me w/lunch (nearly every two weeks). I allot myself a certain amount and vow to stick with it. I usually make it to Thursday of week one and then…the smell from the cafeteria wafts up and forces me to go down. Doesn’t matter that the cafeteria food is weighed and nearly $6/lb. Doesn’t matter that I have lunch in the fridge. There is something about not eating the lunch my husband or I have prepared, no matter how good it likely is. I even sabotage myself purposely sometimes: oh darn, I left my lunch on the kitchen counter. Oh, well, guess I’ve gotta buy lunch today. But. I don’t carry my debit card w/me during the week. So, once I’ve depleted the funds I can’t get more. There have been days I’ve eaten Cheetos for breakfast and scrounged up $80 from my change cup on my desk to get a cup of noodles. Even typing this I get the idiocy: a lunch at home w/a meat, veg, and starch — but I’m eating a cup of noodles.

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