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My McDreamy,Terrence Howard Talks Racism And Why It Will Always Exist

"We are animals at heart and subject to our fears….Until we all look the same there will always be racism."—Terrence Howard in video clip below.

I like my men, tall and chocolately. But Terrence Howard is my one light-skin-ded exception. If light skin men ever decide to stage a real comeback, they should elect him as their leader.

I met Terrence Howard a few years ago, when my pregnancy book was nominated for an NAACP Image Award and I attended the award show in LA. At the time, they had an pre-screening of Terrence's upcoming movie, Pride, where he played the swim coach legend, Jim Ellis.

Anywho, Terrence was at the screening and hosted a Q&A and then a meet and greet after we watched the film. I didn't expect to be so shook by his presence. I'm pretty sure I stepped on the foot and/or face of my date for the evening just to get at the front of the line…Every now and then, said date reminds me of the bruise I left on him.

Terrence is about to star in the new season of LAW & ORDER: LOS ANGELES which starts next Monday, April 11th. In this video clip he talks about civil rights and the criminal justice system.

But, let's face it, he could be talking about watching paint dry, but with those eyes!, I would certainly listen.

Do you agree racism won't end until we "all look the same?"

2 Responses to “My McDreamy,Terrence Howard Talks Racism And Why It Will Always Exist”
  1. Ladybug says:

    I disagree completely. I’m white, my mother is white, and she has two black siblings- so I have a black aunt and a black uncle. I have a Mexican and (get this) JEWISH brother in-law, so my beautiful niece is an amazing mix of many races. I also have black cousins who I love dearly. My best friend since 5th grade (we’re 30 now) is Mexican, my babysitter growing up was Mexican (my sister started speaking Spanish words before English, lol). I think to say that there will always be racism as long as there are different races, is kind of a racist thing to say. Honestly. I married a white man, but I’ve dated outside my race, and I would have married someone who wasn’t white if that was the person God had for me. I have Asian and black friends who are happily married, white and black, on and on and on. I believe we really all CAN get along, live together in harmony, and LOVE each other. It happens in my life every single day. I’ve never really given it much thought- it just is what it is. But now that I think about it, it really is beautiful.

  2. Jaboa says:

    I agree, I am mixed my husband is white, my mother is white step father is white, 3 of my half sisters are white (on my moms side) and 3 of my half sisters are black (dads side) I grew up in a all white community there are now after living her for 21 years of my life, are only 7 total in our community now, Me, my aunt, 2 cousins, a friend and his 2 mixed girls. All of us have struggled with racism, my mother homeschooled me my aunt and my three white sisters so we wouldnt have to deal with it, now i wish she would have let us continue going to public school, anyhow my uncle transfered my cousins to a different school because of it and lucky for my friend his girl arnt old enuf to go to school yet, how ever he get harrassed all the time and wishes he had the money to move him and his gf and their 3 kids back to his original home. I wish very much for things to change in our community fore the sake of ALL the future children my husband and I will have. My husband grandmother actually “informed” me that we would need to move to protect her future great grandchildren. Some people are nice but i truly believe that racism will never end, do i want it to yes very badly but will it, i dont think so.

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