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Designer Duds and a Disaster at the Dentist: Did Race Play a Part?

A few weeks ago my daughter had her first appointment at a dentist in our new neighborhood. We hadn’t been there before. And even though I spent the day working in a comfy leggings and a tunic, when it came time to make this first time appointment, I pulled out my nicest Calvin Klein "I-just-came-from-work" […]

Fess Up Friday: I Confess, I’m A Fake-N-Bake Mom

I have a confession to make and I don’t even feel guilty about it anymore. I am a fake and baker. That’s right, I buy cakes, cupcakes and other tasty confections and then pass it off as my own homemade creation with all the right touches. I sometimes pop the store bought cookies into the […]

Fed-Up Friday: What is Up With All The Gangsta Moms?

Something scary is going on with moms. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling these past few months. A lot. Sometimes with the kids and many times without. On nearly every trip I’ve encountered one family traveling with children. In four, count ‘em four, separate instances a child began kicking, pushing or otherwise bothering the […]

My McDreamy,Terrence Howard Talks Racism And Why It Will Always Exist

"We are animals at heart and subject to our fears….Until we all look the same there will always be racism."—Terrence Howard in video clip below. I like my men, tall and chocolately. But Terrence Howard is my one light-skin-ded exception. If light skin men ever decide to stage a real comeback, they should elect him […]

Fed Up Friday: What Is Up With All The “Gangsta Moms”?

Something is going on with moms these days. And it ain’t good. Read about it in my latest, Fed Up Friday post. 

On Kimberly’s Blog: Please Don’t Call Me A Single Mom & Avoiding Other Labels

                              But really he could talk about pretty much anything and I’d listen.                                  Check out Kimberly’s latest post. http://mochamanual.com/blog/

Race Matters: We Need Health Care Reform to Help End the Racial Legacy of Health Disparities

  Last week or so, marked the one year anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act. Turns out, a poll found that half of Americans didn't know it was already a law. Smh. But with people of color representing 50 percent of the uninsured in America, the new law stands to represent […]

On the Tube: Are We There Yet? On TBS; PLUS! Win a Free DVD of the Movie

I don’t get to watch a lot of TV, but I love positive shows about blended families–and lately I’ve been really feeling Terry Crews!  Are We There Yet?, produced by Ice Cube, airs Wednesdays at 10/9 Central on TBS.  And we’re giving away three free DVD’s of the movie that started it all on April […]