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Horror At The Playground as Michael Turns 7-Years -Old

The other day a terrifying thing happened at the playground.

No, not a kidnapper scare or pedophile run-in.


I was talking with this other mom while our boys, who are in the same class, were playing in the playground after school.

I mentioned that my son was turning 7 the next day and she started going on about how 7-years-old is like the first big boy turning point when you can’t pick them up anymore or they don’t want you to pick them up anymore.

She said things would never be the same after 7.


You can’t say those kind of things without flashing warning lights or smoke signals and preferably, sirens.

I was totally unprepared.

You see, my son travels to the breakfast table nearly every morning via Mommy Express. That’s when I meet him bedside and he climbs on my back for a exciting trip down the hall to the kitchen.

Could the Mommy Express be coming to an end? I wasn’t even ready to fathom such a thought. Of course, I always said he was not going to be one of those mama's boy (I've dated enough of those!) but  I also always figured I’d just Mommy Express him into his dorm room.

So would him turning seven mark an independence milestone I wasn’t prepared for? I became very anxious. And this mother was not helping.

As a six-year-old my son still asks to sleep with me every night. When I say, “No baby”, he tries to negotiate his way to me laying down with him until he falls asleep.

After we’ve had our family bedtime story, tuck in and lights out, he still has to call out to me at least once, to ask, “Mommy, are you writing a blog?” Or, “Are you going to work really late?” just to keep talking to me.

Oh and in the morning, I’m sure to find him in my bed–-having snuck in quietly during the night and snuggled in.

So you can imagine my shock and horror at the words coming out of this woman’s mouth.

What if tomorrow was the last ride of the Mommy Express or tonight would be the last of his after bedtime questions?

I wasn’t ready.

When his 7th birthday came last Monday, I savored the day. The Mommy Express doubled back for two trips down the hallway. After school, we went to his favorite funhouse and battled in skee ball and then driving games. After I made him dinner and let him have dessert in the living room! (That’s a big deal in our house) and he got to watch one TV show (there’s no TV on school nights in our home). He was ecstatic. At bedtime, he said, “Today was the best day. Ever!!”

I read an extra long story that night and hugged him forever, savoring what could be some of my last cuddling moments and turned off the light to his room feeling a bit melancholy.

He didn’t call out for me that night.

But in the morning he was there, nestled in my bed, and I thought, all is alright in the world.

I feel like I'm good for now, but when do boys start changing? Please prepare me. And really, are mama's boys THAT bad????

(check out some pics from my phone of my 7-year-old. Sniff)

3 Responses to “Horror At The Playground as Michael Turns 7-Years -Old”
  1. tanyetta says:

    Savor every moment and when he grows up may he always love his mommy! That’s so sweet!!!

  2. Chandra says:

    I have 3 daughters, ages 1, 4, and 6. When Gabi turned 6 the exact same fears started to come to mind. She hasn’t totally abandoned me, but she is becoming more and more independent. I guess that’s what we want- happy, healthy, self sufficient kids. But it sure is a scary at the same time. Let’s just enjoy the journey!

  3. Lisa says:

    I so agree with Tanyetta; savor every moment. My son is now a 24 year old police officer; however I still remember the first day I dropped him off at high school….him throwing his hand up as if to say later mom instead of the hugs I received the prior years and the wave…bye bye mama. I think I cried all the way to work that day…lol From that point on the hugs had to take place at home away from the prying eyes of his friends. And yes….he is a mama’s boy…LOL

    By the way…your son is adorable!

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