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The Game’s Drew Sidora Talks Pregnancy, Single Motherhood, Grapefruit Juice and Fried Chicken!

drew_sidorababyshowerpics.jpg We loved her on the old  "The Game" or maybe you didn’t, but mom-to-be Drew Sidora talks with Kimberly about crazy cravings, what scares her about having a boy, and her new TD Jakes sitcom.  And check out our exclusive baby shower pics!


I don’t know about you but I was a big fan of the old “The
Game”—and when Derwyn messed up with Drew Sidora, I was mad as hell. In the
real world, Drew Sidora has been doing her thang in Hollywood for years (long
before kissing Derwyn in a music video), with her recurring role as Chantel in That’s So Raven and appearing in White Chicks, Step Up and more.  The 25
year-old Chicago native is truly talented—she began studying music and theatre
at the age of two and trained in the Suzuki Method of classical piano for six
At age 9, she appeared in the Fox TV movie Divas, acting
alongside Khalil Kain, Lisa Nicole Carson, and Nicole Ari Parker.

I caught up with Drew Sidora, with just a few days until her
due date, where she talked about morning sickness, learning to get in tune with
her body and throwing fashion to the wind.


KSA: How did you feel when you learned you were pregnant?

DS: My first emotions were definitely that of being worried and
scared. I mean, am I prepared? Am I able to do this? Now, I’m like, OK, I can
do this. I’m so excited. I’m getting that confidence in myself. And I can feel
myself grow and mature through this experience.


KSA:What has been one of the greatest joys of pregnancy?

DS: One of my greatest joys has been just getting in tune with
my body—learning and listening to what my body needs and wants. Oh and just being
able to eat, and enjoying all the food my mom and other relatives want to cook
for me. Nothing has made me happier than being able to say to my trainer, I am
not coming into the gym to do suicides. I do water aerobics and other prenatal
activities but there’s no pressure.


KSA: Ok, Tell me about your cravings:

DS:It’s been the oddest things like grapefruit juice. Definitely
grapefruit juice. And Pop cereal. And Harold’s chicken here in Chicago. Harold’s
actually donated chicken for my baby shower.



KSA: Did you have morning sickness?

DS: Did I ever. The first three months I was really sick. I
tried crackers, ginger root. Nothing helped. My doctor put me on medication to
help me keep food down, and just had to get through the three months and then
one day it just disappeared.



KSA: That sounds not fun at all. Were you worried about work?

DS: I did not want to tell my managers and agents at first, I
was afraid they would drop me or not get projects for me. I was still working,
doing a play here, hosting events there for the first five months—trying to cover
it up. I said to myself, I gotta keep going. I gotta keep working. I was in LA
running around, keeping my busy schedule, even when I was sick I tried to go
with it and keep it up. I would make excuses and jokes for why I wasn’t fitting
into wardrobe. I was stressed and weary. I couldn’t keep it up.


KSA: Wow! What finally made you give up your “super woman” act?

DS: My dad is a pediatrician and my family put their foot down
and said come home.


KSA: Ain’t family great! So you’re having a boy. Congratulations!
Any concerns about having little man?

DS: Raising a young black man it s a tremendous responsibility and
I don’t take it lightly. From a young age, I want to nurture an academic path
and instill the same spiritual morals my mom and dad instilled in me. I’m really
big on education and I want to be present in his life.


KSA: Okay, girl, I have to ask, what kind of birth are you
planning and are you going to breastfeed?

DS: Looking at a natural birth. Relying on my body. Doing a lot
of meditation and calming breaths. Allowing the body to do what it is designed
and created to do. Signed up for birthing/meditation she believes in natural
birth. . I’m definitely planning on breastfeeding. It has raised a lot of
conversation in our household. I’ve already consulted with my birthing
instructor and got my breast pump at my baby shower.


KSA: How will you juggle your career and single motherhood?

DS: It’s definitely going to take a village. I already have my sister lined up to travel
with me and be the nanny on set when I go back to work. My parents have been
married 48 years and have raised 5 great children, so they will be a tremendous
support and resource for me.  My brother-in-law
homeschools my niece so he’s already signed up as the tutor. I have so many
friends and family to support me. This little boy is going to be blessed. He
will be welcomed, embraced and supported. He will have many parents and many role


So what’s next for Drew Sidora the actress and singer?

DS: Well right now I’m just enjoying this time to focus on
motherhood. After taking a few months off, I’m looking forward to getting back
to a number of exciting projects including a movie I’m producing, a docu seriers and a scripted family sitcom created by
T. D. Jakes and Winifred Hervey, called One Love, starring Mark Curry, Sheryl Lee
Ralph, Carl Payne and Sherman Hemsley.


(The series follows a
Chicago pastor and his family through the unique and often comedic adventures of


  View exclusive photos from Drew Sidora’s baby shower here

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