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Finally, (Shamelessly)At School in My Pajamas…for Dr. Seuss (Check out the pics & WIN Dr. Seuss Books!!)

I've always said I would never be one of those parents who went to the bus stop or school drop off in my pajamas. Admittedly, there's been a few times when I stepped into the car for drop off with my pajama pants neatly tucked into my Uggs.


But today at my children's school, P.S. 186, The Castlewood School in Bellerose, Queens, it was Dr. Seuss day. A day when children, faculty and parents are invited to come to school in their pajamas and celebrate the author. Parents then volunteer to read Dr. Seuss books to all the classes.

Finally, a chance for me to wear my pajamas INSIDE the school without shame. Whoo hoo!! How could I resist? (Ok, I realized that most of my pajamas are not, um, school compatible, so I went for the fluffy robe–part of my swag from Blogalicious in South Beach)

It was a great day of PJs, Cat in the Hat hats (principal and lots of parents included) and tongue twisting reading and rhyming fun for the kids. Shout out to Jenny, for sporting the full Cat in the Hat costume with clip on whiskers!!–now that's commitment!!!

And for all of those folks who say parents aren't involved–we had a packed house of parent volunteers to share their time reading to the students!!! LOVED THAT!!

Check out the pics below and don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook and tell us your favorite children's book on the contest post to win THREE Dr. Seuss books!! 

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