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Voices: For Black Moms, Having the “Police Talk” With Our Sons is Parenting 101. But Will It Change Anything?

A Guest Blog By Dionne Grayman My son was small for his age, having a birthday late in the year and always looked younger than he was. We all do. It's the family "curse". When he began high school at the age of 13, I insisted upon driving him. He insisted upon taking public transportation. […]

Horror At The Playground as Michael Turns 7-Years -Old

The other day a terrifying thing happened at the playground. No, not a kidnapper scare or pedophile run-in. Worse. I was talking with this other mom while our boys, who are in the same class, were playing in the playground after school. I mentioned that my son was turning 7 the next day and she […]

Voices: For Black Moms, Having the “Police Talk” With Our Sons is Parenting 101. But Will It Change

Police "orientation" for young boys is just as crucial as the streets and communities  they live in.

HerStory: Tonya Lewis Lee Makes History As Author, Producer & Champion for Infant Health

Best-selling author, award-winning producer, champion for infant health, mother of two and wife of Spike Lee. How does Tonya Lewis Lee do it? We’re talking to women making history and asking them 5 questions you need to read now!

HerStory: Valarie Carey: Helping Mothers & Daughters Bond Over That Time of the Month

Who wants to talk about that time of the month? Valarie Carey does! This Brooklyn mom is creating a new conversation about our periods and empowering mothers and daughters to bond over our cycles. Possible? We asked Carey 5 questions about HerStory that you don’t want to miss!

HerStory: Melissa Dawn Johnson: Brand Building Superstar Helps Women Live the Life of Their Dreams

Does your life or business need a brand makeover? Meet Melissa Dawn Johnson, of Brand Me Live!, who helps women to authentically brand or rebrand their lives. How can we get some?? We asked Melissa 5 questions as part of our HerStory series honoring women who are making history in big ways. Get to know […]

HerStory: Melissa Dawn Johnson

We are closing out this fabulous month of March also known as Women’s History Month by focusing on 5 Women we love who are making a little history of their own, and are showing us how to be true power mamas. First up is Melissa Dawn Johnson, President of Velvet Suite Marketing. For you lucky […]

A Mocha Manual Exclusive: Drew Sidora’s Baby Shower Pictures

Here are the exclusive images from Drew Sidora's baby shower       Here is Drew enjoying that oh so delicious treat…a Cinnabon cinnamon roll     Drew snacking on Jay's Potato Chips   Just me and the girls: Drew with sisters Allison, Christa and Edilah   The Fam is all here: Drew with sisters […]

The Game’s Drew Sidora Talks Pregnancy, Single Motherhood, Grapefruit Juice and Fried Chicken!

We loved her on the old  "The Game" or maybe you didn’t, but mom-to-be Drew Sidora talks with Kimberly about crazy cravings, what scares her about having a boy, and her new TD Jakes sitcom.  And check out our exclusive baby shower pics!

A Lesson From My Wasband… Please Don’t Tell Him

      Well, I guess eventually he’d have to be good for something. Just kidding (…sort of). But I have to admit, I learned an important lesson from the wasband a few months ago and it is serving me well. Somewhere during my divorce process and after I had left my career to pursue […]