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My Life Mondays: “Mommy, Are We Poor?” And Other Snow Chronicles

 The other day, my son opened the refrigerator, looked inside, and asked me, "Mommy, are we poor?" 

 The first time my daughter asked me that she jumping off the diving board of our swimming pool—clearly my children don’t know what poor is.

 But this time, I could see where Michael was coming from.

 I looked in the refrigerator and I heard crickets and saw tumbleweeds. Oh yeah, and something moldy in the back.

 "Aww sweetie”, I said. “ We are not poor, mommy’s just lazy.”

 And there was the truth.

Don't get me wrong, I’m not generally lazy. But lately I have been experiencing a snow-induced, hibernation-induced, laziness. And anyone, pretty much anywhere in the country, and especially here in the Northeast knows that the snow this winter has been more than any mere mortal should be asked to handle.

My problem with the snow, is that I don’t want to leave my house, or more specifically move my car.  

I don’t want to leave my house because it took me two and a half hours to shovel out my car (and still have the back pains to prove it) and produce my perfectly proportioned parking space, and I’m not moving my car to risk losing my spot and end up parked blocks away lopsided on a snow bank, unless it’s a damn good reason.

And as long as there is delivery, that reason hasn’t presented itself on the food shopping front, just yet. And as I told my children, if I could slingshot them to school, I wouldn’t move the car for morning drop-off either. So there.

When I finally went to the grocery store the other day, at a strategic time when I knew that neighbor who’s been taking my spot when I go out would still be at work, the supermarket was understocked and understaffed. They were out of pasta!! I mean, seriously!  And I got two more gray hairs waiting on the line. When the cashier finally scanned and bagged my groceries and was literally down to my last item, there was a power surge—the lights went out, the computers shut down, and two thoughts immediately ran through my head. 1. This isht would never happen with delivery and 2. Oh no, that heifer neighbor may get my spot!!!

Please tell the snow gods we get it, before my son develops some serious issues.

2 Responses to “My Life Mondays: “Mommy, Are We Poor?” And Other Snow Chronicles”
  1. Kim, I can not stop laughing, this is so funny, I must repost this article.

  2. jeri says:

    Too funny! My husband and I moved from Florida to Ohio when I was 30 years old, and I had never seen a snow flake! I thought snow was the most magical occurance on earth, until I had to drive in it. I slid through every intersection in Cleveland! After two years, we packed up and moved home. I prefer the white sand beach to the snow. I loved this post! If you decide to join us in Florida, let me know. I’ll buy you an icy drink and a beach chair!

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