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10 Things Every Parent Should Tell Their Teen At Night








Parenting a teenager is not an easy task. To keep the communication waters calm, teens must know that they are loved, safe and are important.  Here are ten ways to affirm your teen’s self worth, confidence and value. 

10 Things Every Parent Should Tell Their Teen At Night

By Monique Johnson  

Black teens and tweens need us now more than ever. With teen pregnancy, drugs, gangs violence and other social ills on the rise it’s important to keep the doors of communication clear and open. Teens need to feel safe, know they matter, that they are loved, and are an integral part of the family every day. Here are some things you can tell your teen every night before they go to bed. 


1. No one will ever love you in the same way or have your best interests at heart more than your mom/dad and I will.

2. You have so many gifts and options; I will help you capitalize/benefit from them as best I can.

3. How can I help you reach your dreams?

4. No matter what you confide in me, I will always love you and do what is best for you.

5. My job is not to be your friend. I am your parent and will love and mentor you.

6. I am sorry. (Say this whenever you hurt your child, or your child is in pain from something someone else said to them.)

7. I embrace your friends, but I love you the most.

8. From the first time I saw your eyes, I vowed to be the best parent I could be for you. I make mistakes but they are not meant to hurt you. I make them because I love you so much and get scared sometimes. It is hard parenting a teen

9. I am sorry you don’t like my rules, but you will have to abide by them. I will hold you accountable if you break them and there will be a consequence.

10. If you are in trouble, call me first, no matter where you are. I may be angry, but my first concern will always be your safety. We will talk about punishment or consequences later.  




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