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Is Black History Month Still Necessary? Comment to Win a Loaded Johnson’s Baby Basket!


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We've got a black president and quite frankly, we should all be teaching black history 365 days of the year. 

Do we still need Black History Month?
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7 Responses to “Is Black History Month Still Necessary? Comment to Win a Loaded Johnson’s Baby Basket!”
  1. S Nicole says:

    Yes it is necessary. Until America creates an equal society – there will always be a need for why Black History Month was created for in the first place.

  2. Yes, Black History Month is still necessary. We need Black History month because our ancestors fought hard for us to have rights, which by the way are getting walked all over. Every year at school seem to be less inclined to teach about Black History and the importance of it. Other than Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks, what do our children really know about Black History. They need to know that there were and are great black people in their history who made a difference. Also, our children need to understand that if your will to stand up and fight for what you believe in and your education, nothing is impossible.

  3. Khalebo Harris says:

    Yes, it’s necessary.
    Until the only superstars of color are not only entertainers and athletes, we need Black History Month.
    Until it’s no surprise that really great gadgets we use all the time were patented by people of African descent, we need Black History Month.
    Until we are truly playing on a level field educationally, financially, and by quality of life, we need Black History Month.
    Great question, thanks for asking!
    Peace and Blessings

  4. Karla T says:

    We need BHM as a reminder to ourselves to learn more about our past…more than who invented peanut butter and the hot comb. I just finished reading “Wench” by: Dolen Perkins-Valdez. It is a fictitious account of an (true) Ohio resort that existed prior to the Civil War where slave owners would take their slave mistresses for open air “vacations”. The book opened my mind to the realities that many African American slaves faced only 160 years ago. This is a history that I knew nothing about and laid the foundation for why we have internal strife within our own communities. The book was a powerful glance into history that made me proud of the strength that my ancestors possessed.

    When BHM comes around we should use it to increase our knowledge about our history. Read books like “Wench” and grow within ourselves.

  5. Lisa Fitzgerald says:

    It is not only necessary but something we must maintain for generations to come. In so many instances, schools, tv, entertainment, other venues they love us to believe that all black folks are good at is shaking their hips, cursing, being some sort of thug, or welfare recipient. Our people have always been hard workers and it was the back of our ancestors that built this country. We have creative brilliant minds and everyone isn’t using them for foolishness.People want to skip over all of the great accomplishments blacks have achieved and feed into the negative things only. We have to know who we are, we have to let our children know who they are and continue to educate, encourage and empower them to be the best of themselves. Their lives are valuable and they have valuable contributions to make to this world. Yes we need black History because it’s evident if we don’t know where we came from we certainly don’t know where we are going.

  6. Natasha Carr says:

    Yes, BlackHistory Month is necessary to teach our youth about the struggle, the blood, the sweat & the tears of their forefathers & ancestors. Now, I know that many years of our history is dark and we should leave that in the past but I believe that our children need to know where they came from and that the world (as it appears today) was not always so. My 8 year old is having a hard time grasping that kids could not go to school because of the color of their skin and also that families were separated and sold (she is reading an American Girl book called Addy Walker). She was even in tears at the fact that the families were separated. And NO, I do not want her to have pain & sorrow but YES she needs to know these things. Now, I will not show her “Roots” any time soon but when she has questions…we answer them. And she even says that some of her non-African American classmates say things like they are sorry that these sorts of things happend. You got to love the innocence (& curiousity of children). So, I am all for knowing the history because until you know where (& what) you came from, you will never be able to move ahead!!

  7. Chantelle G. says:

    I have asked myself this question for the past 6 or 7 years when a fellow grad student of mine from Poland asked why there were still magazines just for black people. At first I thought this question was ludicrous: Had she not BEEN to a grocery or bookstore lately where there are 7 million mags with white people on the cover to every 1 with a black person (obvious exaggeration)? But I hesitated to jump all over her and reflected instead. Do we really need “black” magazines? “Black” TV shows? Kwanzaa? Black history month?

    I am a scientist in the biotech field. I have a MS in Chemistry and hold various positions in church and the community. I am a mom and an entrepreneur as well. And I am black. I have reaped the benefits of all those who have come before me through struggle. And I will honor them by continuing to celebtrate the history that made my current lifestyle possible. But one thing I do speak out against is the victim mentality that some Black people still have that says that we have not gotten far. That IS ludicrous!

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