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4 Ways to Keep your Identity CLASSIFIED this Holiday Season!





Identity theft is real and thieves like to take advantage of those who don’t protect themselves.  Get John Sileo’s, author of "Privacy Means Profit" tips on how to protect your identity.

When you’re in full on shopping mode, many of shoppers don’t stop to think “Is this a potential identity hazard for me?” While 76% of shoppers plan to primarily shop this holiday with credit or debit cards, almost four in ten of surveyed shoppers have little or no concern about identity fraud happening to them this holiday shopping season! Not to scare you, but your credit card information, address, and other important forms of identity can easily be gotten if you’re not careful. Identity theft is rampant throughout the holiday season. Over the past 3 years the usage of stolen data jumped from 33% to 71% in less than one week, meaning that they steal today and shop today. Identity thieves count on our lackadaisical attitude toward monitoring our wealth. Surprisingly over 50% of all identity theft is self detected. John Sileo, author of “Privacy Means Profit” works with the Dept of Defense, FDIC, AARP and has been featured on 60 Minutes, Fox News and to raise awareness of the dangers of identity theft.  Here are a few of his tips to stay safe and keep an eye out for Identity Fraud this Holiday Season: 

  1. Monitor Your Credit Report Look for any suspicious activity or unknown accounts. If you find anything new that you haven’t applied for contact the responsible financial institution immediately.
  2. Credit Monitoring Services that companies like CSIdentity offer make it easy to ensure that fraudsters aren’t accessing your personal information, accounts, or credit. Allowing them to do it for you will put you more at ease this Holiday Season.
  3. Sign up for Account Alerts This way you will know immediately if anyone is making fraudulent charges on your account.
  4. Switch to Online Statements This way you can more easily access your accounts throughout the month rather than waiting until the end of the month for a statement.

 Share your safety tips and win a copy of John’s book “Privacy Means Profit”

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