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My Life Mondays: Coming Clean About K-Ci and Jo-Jo Come Clean

Thanks a lot K-Ci and Jo Jo but my work has been totally slipping since I got hooked on your train wreck reality show.

If you know me, you know that I rarely watch TV. I like my CNN in the morning and then that’s it. My kids aren’t allowed to watch TV during the week, and with our busy weekend schedules our house can literally go for weeks without nary a TV being turned on.

That is, until I moved to Queens and got TV One. I never had that channel with my cable company back on Long Island, but now I’m hooked. Mostly on the late night reruns of Martin and Living Single. I mean, was Martin that funny in the 90s, because I am cracking up and LMAO-ing most nights.

But recently I got hooked on the TV One reality show, K-Ci and Jo-Jo Come Clean. Please tell me someone else out there has been tuning into this train wreck. I’m not sure why I’m so mesmerized, I think a part of me is happy to see a testosterone led train wreck for a change because I am real housewife-d out.

And I was never a HUGE Jodeci fan. Don’t get me wrong, All my Life can get me singing any dang day, not to mention Forever My Lady, Stay, Come and Talk to Me…okay maybe I am a big Jodeci fan, but I had a real problem with all the shirts off and half nakedness. Again, not that I mind men taking off their shirts. But not boney men! I never thought K-Ci and JoJo had any sex appeal or the bodies for shedding shirts. You can argue otherwise and I’ll listen.

For a minute.

Poor K-Ci looked like he needed some biscuits and some weight gain powder. I mean if I want to see bones, I will go to the museum!! I always thought they should just leave their shirts on and sang!..Baby yeah! baby yeah!

So imagine my chagrin to find out they spent all of their career addicted to drugs and alcohol. And every performance was alcohol or drug induced. Does this explain the bones and needless shirt removals? I’m not sure. And apparently, they’ve spent most of the years since their heyday still battling this addiction and defying every court ordered rehab program.

To get real help, fer real fer real, this time, they got a reality TV show to chronicle it all. There are major meltdowns. Surprise drop-ins by baby mamas. A couple of church visits. Devante in sunglasses and a weird updo hairstyle. And a trusted therapist to guide them along. What do y’all think about her?

And I know we say black don’t crack, but these guys just don’t look good at all! Lord have mercy.

But I will say this, I miss young black men singing about love and not just sex, and there’s a gaping hole in today’s music where Jodeci once dominated. Sigh!

The season finale is airing this week, and I’m really happy about that, because I have a lot of work to get back to.

One Response to “My Life Mondays: Coming Clean About K-Ci and Jo-Jo Come Clean”
  1. nikki says:

    Girl, I could have written this word for word! I ran home to catch a glimpse of Devante last week, and can’t WAIT to see the finale tonight! LOL.

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