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4 Must Have Apps for Holiday Traveling



Traveling for the holidays can be such a hassle.  For all you tech savvy moms and wanna be tech savvy moms, phone apps are a great new way to be organized and informed no matter where you are.

Maybe your family is a part of the 41 million Americans expected to fly this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.  Which probably means that you are already stressed out about travel plans.  Maybe you don’t know where to go or what to do should anything arise while you’re at your in-laws.  Maybe you have had that reoccurring nightmare, that you woke up late for your flight, left your drivers liscence and son’s inhaler on the counter, making it to the airport in just enough time to see your plane taking off without you.

If you are having any of these freakish doubts and are on the verge of puling your hair out, just remember that you are a modern mama!  There are mobile tricks to everything now, why should juggling kids and traveling for the holiday be any different.

Apps have become great ways to make your life simpler on
the go, and don’t forget about the free game apps to keep your kids
busy during long rides in the car or plane.

41569_140952129272136_5032_n.jpgWhen you find yourself about to ask “Where do I find…” a place to get my daughter’s gluten free stuffing or local entertainment?  You can find what you’re looking for with the YP AT&T Yellow Pages APP on your phone. Free! Available on Blackberry and iPhones, iPad, Andriod and Palms



tripit.jpgTripit no need to take along a folder with all your travel details.  TripIt organizes your travel itinerary so it’s easy to access (and share with your mother-in-law so she knows what time to have dinner ready.)  Visit Tripit online or on your phone. Free! Available on Android, Blackberry and iPhone


itriage_logo.jpgYou’ve never seen a food allergy before and had no idea your son was allergic to anchovies.  iTriage is the brainchild of two emergency room physicians; you can quickly pinpoint the symptoms and then find the best medical facility to provide treatment.  Visit iTriage for more information.  Free!  Available on Android and iPhone.


sitorsquat-logo.pngAll parents have experienced that horrifying moment when you can smell that your child needs a change, and you are trying to find the nearest bathroom before she starts screaming, only to find it had no changing table.  Sit or Squat Bathroom Finder lets you know which bathrooms are nearby, notes which ones have changing stations and even has reviews from other users so you know what to expect.  Visit Sit or Squat on line for more information.  Free!  Available on Blackberry and iPhone.

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