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My Life Mondays: Am I Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Ummm, Maybe Not!

I know that I do a lot of blogging about real issues and I love being a voice for the black mommy experience, but on Mondays I'm starting something new: blogging a bit about my life. I've recently ditched the suburbs for a great apartment in Queens,  and I'm starting a new life that is uniquely me instead of a fragment of my old life. Think of it as the new adventures of old Kimberly. And I'm going to share the journey.  I hope you will check in to see how I'm doing.



Lately, I've been feeling like I'm trapped in a bad episode of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader. More to the point, I see why they made that show.

There's something about fifth grade where the homework dramatically shifts, and I've been a little shook. It started with more homework. I mean, hours of it. Ok, I can handle that, let's buckle down and schedule the time.

English. Social Studies. No problem. I'm even enjoying the earth science. Well, sort of. But this new math is something special. 

When (and why?) would they change long division? Who would be so cruel to parents? And what is the Singapore Math Method?? I thought we were doing Made In the USA pride.

Recently a note came home about the The Geometry of Kandinsky and Malevich. Come again?? Unless this is the math equivalent of Sonny and Cher, I'm pretty much done.

More importantly, as a proud product of public schools and the Talented and Gifted program, no less, I'm feeling pretty stupid every night with homework. I can't take the blow to the ego. Sure, some nights I sail through. But other nights, it's a prayer and the Internet.

But recently, I uttered the words I never thought I would have to say. "Call your father." And since he's in London, you know I must have been at my ultimate breaking point to insist on an international SOS phone call. Even more embarrassing, the wasband helped Kayla sail through the math problem and I felt like chopped liver.

Was I ever good at math? Doesn't feel like it.

I'm thinking of getting a math tutor for Kayla and myself!!

If anyone out there has some tricks, ideas or help for this math-challenged mom, who has turned to Google to help her daughter through fifth grade, please send ideas asap!!


On a separate note, I want to give a super shout out to the good folks over at The Hub, the Discover Channel's new kids' network,   hosted one heck of a VIP tent at the annual Central Park Pumpkin Festival this weekend.  The food was yummy, and there was face painting, games, crafts and an all-you-can-bag candy bar!! Needless to say, Kayla and Michael were bouncing off the walls! We were also the very last to leave, and were given loads of leftover extras from the folks dismantling the tents. LOL! 

One episode from their new series, R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, the master of kid scare, had me a little spooked. The series has a new live-action story every week and is probably not for the under 7 crew, but the channel has a pretty good lineup. Check it out!

central park1resized

Michael scores at the bean bag toss at The Hub's tent.


central park04RS

Kayla shows off her face painting!

3 Responses to “My Life Mondays: Am I Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? Ummm, Maybe Not!”
  1. Dawn Davis says:

    I know that’s right. I helped a friend’s kid with homework the other week and I was Googling square area of this kind of triange (equilateral) and square foot of that triangle (isosocles, was it?) left and right. It took everything I had not to tell her she’ll never use geometry in the real world. And I sailed through math as a child. Wonk, wonk.

  2. domestic diva says:

    I wish schools would teach math in its real-life context. It would be easier to understand.

  3. Kim Martin says:

    I’m so glad I am not the only one who has a killer panic attack after 5th grade homework. I don’t recall doing such complex math! So I hired and a tutor- its not cheating because theirs still plenty of projects and other stuff I have to help with!

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